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McNeil is a self-taught artist and has been painting for 26 years. She comes from several generations of talented artists, the most note-worthy being her mother, whom she used to watch paint as a young child.

"My Mother died November 10th of 2010. Like myself she was an artist, talented with a brush, with the spoken word, the best mother a daughter could ever dream
to have.
After she died, I inherited her brushes and paint, what an amazing personal gift to be given to me!

Maureen McNeil, Canadian Artist, Mississauga, ON

Every tube told a story, and the brushes give me a strong personal connection. Every time I use them I am aware that she held them, I am holding her hand, or is she holding mine guiding me with each brush stroke. I love these brushes, they have her fingerprints.

Maureen McNeil with her Mom

One of my clients commented that my style had changed, and I told her about my Mothers passing and acknowledged that yes, it had changed.

My artwork is my emotional fuel. As I go through this journey without her, I need to forget sometimes and just focus on painting. At times my work is silly and frivolous.
Mom would laugh and say "Oh Mo that is sheer genius". Other times it is victorious and I feel I am adapting to the "new normal". I love to talk to my Mom as I am painting, it is therapeutic, personal, it is the fuel that I need to live my life."  Maureen McNeil

  • Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga. ON
  • Trillium Hospital, Mississauga and Toronto
  • Art Battle 2013 Living Arts Centre Mississauga Ontario
  • Collections, The Bottom Line Sports Bar Toronto Ontario
  • Collections , The Pumphouse Sports Bar and Grill , Mississauga Ontario


Representing Maureen McNeil Art 
174 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 1H6
905 337 1058

Maureen McNeil with her daughter at the Art Gallery of Mississauga Juried Show

  • Crescent  Hill Gallery, Evening With the Artists 2008 - 2013
  • Mississauga Art Gallery Juried Show 2011
  • Oakville Art Society Juried Auction 2019 2nd place
  • Art in the Park Visual Arts Mississauga Juried Show 2012
  • Hockey Hall of Fame Memorabilia and Art Tour 2013
  • Representation Nava Oakville Ontario
  • Representation The Amish Store Balderson Ontario 
  • Full Studio and Gallery in Lorne Park contact the artist for an appointment
Maureen McNeil, Canadian Artist, Mississauga, ON
Maureen McNeil, Canadian Artist, Mississauga, ON

 Maureen McNeil
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