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Canadian Artist, Landscape, Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON



MARCH 26 - APRIL 1 2021 

I didn't start off wanting to be an artist, I had a large wall that needed something.  Not knowing how to buy a piece of art and with limited funds, I purchased a large canvas and painted stick people...why?,,,it was the only thing I knew how to paint. Weeks later someone offered to buy my first original, I didn't sell the piece (I still have it) but started doing commissions for people

Today after 26 years of painting I have a wonderful list of clients that support my work across Canada and the U.S.. I love meeting with them and  discussing commissions, they often contact me and push me into unknown territory requesting a special commission in my style.

I am self taught but have a lot of people to thank along the way, I have been a sponge in learning my craft and I am grateful to everyone that has commented, encouraged, and supported my work. I have to quote my Mother who was an amazing artist as I struggled with a painting and turned to her and said "I can't do this Mom"  her reply was "Yes you can..."
Who would have guessed?"  Maureen McNeil



Canadian Artist, Landscape, Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON
Canadian Artist, Landscape, Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON
Maureen McNeil, Canadian Artist, Mississauga, ON

" I commissioned Maureen to paint for my 19 year old daughter. She created a beautiful piece that she just loves and it hangs in her room in a place of honor! Her care and enthusiasm creating this lovely work of art was infectious" .S.Cunningham, Toronto, ON  

 Canadian Artist, Landscape, maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON

Hi Maureen!
It was lovely talking to you this morning.  I had a look at your website, as well as that of Crescent Hill Gallery, and your art is fantastic!!  I was also in the school and saw your sign – NOW I see what you mean about stick people!  I love how you don’t include faces... Its like you leave it up to the viewer to feel what the stick person in the painting is expressing.  Love it! Lenore XO

 Canadian Artist, Landscape, Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON

 We embarked on a journey with Maureen creating our family portrait.  She was very attentive to our wishes and was a pleasure to work with.  She listened to our requests, was open to making changes and never once made us feel bad for any changes we explored with her.  We are absolutely grateful to Maureen for this experience and we LOVE our family portrait!! Cheers, Joni Mann

 Canadian Artist, Landscape, Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON

 "Jamie, the incredible man in my life decided he wanted to give me something special for Christmas. I was curious to know what he was so excited about that day. When I opened my eyes I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I loved Maureen's work and I never imagined I would own a commissioned piece.  The attention to detail...It is my children to a tee. I want to thank Maureen for painting my children like she were painting her own". Cheryl xo

Canadian Artist, Landscape, Maureen Mcneil, Mississauga, ON

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